Why fish with us on the Rebel?

Why fish with us on the Rebel?

Because Capt. Randy CATCHES FISH!  Do you want to go fishing with someone who's just going to take you for a boat ride or would rather go fishing with a Capt. who has a proven record of catching fish?  If you're interested in actually catching something, then you probably want to go fishing on because Capt. Randy lives to catch fish!

He has more than 35 years of fishing experience under his belt.  He's the winner of the and in 2013 he caught a personal record best 50 white marlins during one single fishing trip!  Bottom line (more like FISH ON THE LINE), Capt. Randy knows how to catch fish!

Plus, the Rebel is absolutely one of the BEST and most LUXURIOUS fishing boats docked in VA Beach!

Capt. Randy specifically built this boat to catch fish and does so better than any other boat out of VA Beach! Just take a look at the and you'll see that Capt. Randy and his crew are some of the BEST (if not, the BEST) fishermen on the East Coast!

Capt. Randy has a proven track record when it comes to landing HUGE fish and doing so in style! Just read what past customers have said about some of their fishing trips -->

Not only will you give yourself the best shot at catching that huge fish by fishing with Randy...you'll do so in STYLE!

With a 30 knot cruising speed, it also makes the Rebel one of FASTEST charter boats in the Virginia Beach fishing fleet!  The Rebel will get you to the fishing spot quick so can spend more time fishing and less time cruising!

And let's not to forget to mention all of the SUPER SWEET gear the Rebel is equiped with!