Frequently Asked Questions

List of questions

Why should I fish with Capt. Randy?

  • Captain Randy Butler's 35 years of fishing experience
  • Fishing is his passion!
  • He won the
  • Caught a personal record 50 white marlins in a single day fishing trip!
  • Nicest boat of the VA Beach fishing fleet!
  • You want to give yourself the best possible opportunity at filling the box with meat or catching a trophy fish!
  • Just read what our customers have to say about Capt. Randy & fishing on the Rebel.

How many fisherman are allowed to come for the posted price?

SIX MAXIMUM ALLOWED PER CHARTER.  You are not required to bring six but the price does not change for smaller groups.  If you have a large group, we can arrange for a second boat with rates similar to ours.

Do I need a fishing license?

No.  Boat is licensed for all fisherman aboard.

What are the fishing charter rates?

Please see our page.

What does the charter fee include?

All fishing tackle, bait, ice and 35 years of fishing expertise!

Can I choose which fish species I want to target?

ABSOLUTELY!  But keep in mind, the time of year, location, water conditions [water temperature, barometric pressure, underwater currents], the stars and the moon dictate what bites and what doesn't.  We'll let you know what's biting the best the day of your charter because we want you to catch fish!  But the bottom line is, we'll make every effort to fulfill your request.

What you'll need to bring?

  • Bring your own food and drinks.
  • Sunblock, polarized sunglasses.
  • Camera and/or video camera!  Make sure to post any cool shots to our Facebook Page!
  • Motion sickness medicine is an inexpensive way to insure you have a good fishing trip!  Here are few links to some products we heard worked for others: Quease Ease - Motion Sickness Instant Relief, Sea-Band Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Bands
  • Bring lots of water!  It's the most important beverage to bring!
  • An offshore fishing trip is a long day (nearly 12 hours) so remember to bring anything that'll make you comfortable.
  • Proper clothes for the season. Remember that the weather can change quickly, so dress in layers or bring layers with you. Rain gear if needed.

Do you have a "NO FISH-NO PAY" policy?

No.  It's a simple fact of life that all fishing places, no matter how good or how many stories have been written about them, sometimes just don't produce fish on a given day.  Some people feel there should be a guarantee when chartering a boat.  However, what you're paying for is to be on a boat with the opportunity to catch a large fish and the story of a lifetime.  While we have a long history of , there are NO GUARANTEES when it comes to catching fish.


Capt. Randy is a United States Coast Guard licensed and insured Virginia charter boat Captain.  All for-hire vessels that carry six passengers MUST have every inch of the boat inspected and certified by the Coast Guard; top and bottom. This is similar to a doctor being "board certified."

Where does the boat depart from?

The boat is docked and departs from the marina next to Ruddee's Restaurant. The boat slip is located directly across from Ruddee's outside patio.

What is the difference between trolling and bottom fishing?

Trolling is done in deep waters, using outriggers, downriggers and trolling rods, while the boat is moving at a certain slow speed.  We can have up to 14 poles in the water to maximize your chances of catching fish.  Bottom fishing is done by drifting offshore and dropping lines straight down, either with electric reels or hand cranked reels.  Bottom fishing is more affected by the ocean conditions and can not be offered on a day with big waves and/or strong currents.

What do we fish for?

Inshore - cobia, red drum, black drum, blue fish, spanish mackerel, . Offshore - white marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, blue fin tuna, big eye tuna, yellow fin tuna, long fin tuna, wahoo, sharks, dolphin, king mackerel, amberjack, grouper, tile fish, barrel fish, sea bass.

Is there a bathroom on the boat?

Yes.  In fact, we have TWO comfortable and clean bathrooms on the boat. See

Is there a mate to help us?

Yes, the mate will help as much or as little as you want.  He'll show you how to use the tackle, bait the hooks and bring the fish into the boat.

What's the standard and customary tip for the mate?

The mate works hard for your fishing pleasure.   15-20% of the charter fee

What is the estimated duration of trips?

It depends on the trip.  Most offshore trips are 12 hours and are from 5am-5pm

What happens if rain/bad weather is forecasted for my fishing day?

Safety is our primary concern.  In inclement weather, fishing trips may be rescheduled if the captain deems it necessary. Inclement weather would be; High Winds, Rough Seas, or Heavy Rain for the entire day. **FULL REFUND OF DEPOSIT WILL BE GIVEN - ONLY IF CAPTAIN DECIDES IT'S UNSAFE TO FISH**

What NOT to bring on the boat!

  • NO BANANAS!  Just don't do it!

    The Virginian Pilot even wrote an article about someone who brought bananas on the Rebel => "The curse of the banana!"

    If that's not enough for you and you want more information about why, then just Google => "Why is it bad luck to bring bananas on a boat?"


    Tanning oil on a boat is very dangerous and should be saved for the beach.  Nobody wants to try to hold onto something and find themselves in the ocean because there was oil left on that part of the boat from another passenger.


    Please bring cans, as broken glass on a boat can be very dangerous.


    Having positive energy and thinking positively on board the boat does directly have a positive effect on the success of fishing and the fun factor!  Be careful not to allow negative thinking creep into the day during times of a slow or nonexistent bite.   You’ll begin to focus on the bad in all events, people, places, and things, making it very hard for the captain and crew to work effectively at putting fish on the hook and pleasing you.   Like the saying goes "A bad day fishing is still better than any day of work!"   So leave any “negativity” at the dock!   It will be there when you get back, for sure!   We want more stories like the ones from previous customers -->

Is it possible to have my trophy fish mounted?

YES, of course you can!   Just ask the mate when you arrive for your charter about the superior mounting services we offer!   We are agents for ...the largest fish taxidermist in the world!

Can I clean the fish I caught myself?

YES, of course!   We carry plenty of ice to ensure your catch will be in the best possible condition.   We recommend you bring an extra large cooler to take your catch home.

Can I arrange to have my fish cleaned?

YES, there's a separate fish cleaning service located dockside.   On the way back, get with and he'll call/radio ahead to arrange for the "Fish Cutter" to be waiting dockside upon our return.   Fish cleanng fees are reasonably priced and vary based on the type of fish and size.