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The best way to contact about booking an offshore Virginia Beach charter fishing trip is to submit a .  Afterwards, he'll follow up with you as soon as he's able to either by phone or email.

**PLEASE NOTE**  He spends 90% of his time either; fishing or hunting and does not have phone service while fishing offshore.

The next best way to get in touch with him is by calling.  He can be reached at

Simply, leave him a message on his voicemail and he’ll return your call as soon as he's able to.

If it’s an emergency, you can always call the at (757) 491-8000 and they’ll do their best to get in contact with him via the radio.

The boat is docked and departs from a boat slip next to Rudee's Restaurant and Cabana Bar. See map below.

Map to boat:

Our mailing address is: